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      Belly Dancing Tech Talk

      The articles listed on this menu cover how belly dancers can use computers and other technology to more effectively promote themselves and deal with the day-to-day practical issues of managing their dance activities. Although these articles focus on how dancers might use technology, much of my advice on areas like building your own web site could also apply to people in other fields.

      Belly Dancing Belly Dance Belly Dancers

      Having Your Own Web Site

      Shira in 1998

      Belly Dancing Belly Dance Belly Dancers

      Other Technology Tools for Dancers

      As dancers, we often find that technology can simplify or enable things we want to do. Technology can help us learn how to edit our promotional photographs to remove the pimple, prepare music for our performances by cutting, slowing, fading, etc, create promotional DVD's to audition our performance skills for would-be employers, continue our dance education through videos, and more. Here is an introduction to technology products I have used and what I thought of them.

      Belly Dancing Belly Dance Belly Dancers

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