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      Photo of Shira

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      PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo by John Rickman Photography, San Jose, California.

      Egyptian & Tribal:
      Sibling Rivalry & Sisterly Love


      Workshop Summary

      Join Shira in examining the family relationship between Egyptian and tribal style dance - what they have in common, and how they conflict. The styles compete for our attention, and yet there are many practitioners who love them equally. You may be surprised by some of the insights she will be sharing!



      Detailed Description

      The relationship between dancers who embrace Egyptian-style Oriental dance and dancers who enjoy tribal-style belly dance can be close-knit at times, and difficult at others. One group appreciates the beauty of a traditional form that has been transformed for stage and explores the culture it came from, while the other group celebrates innovation and adapts the dance to suit their own culture. Often the very same dancer may find merit in both approaches to the dance!

      The differing styles compete for mind share, performance space at festivals, consumer spending, coverage in magazines, and student populations, and yet they have both arisen from the same roots in the distant East.

      So often our discourse centers around how the two dance styles differ, but sometimes it can be refreshing to focus attention on the common ground that unites us. Two dance styles, one heritage - join Shira in exploring our sisterhood of dance.



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