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      Photo of Shira

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      Dancing with Shira
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      PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo by John Rickman Photography, San Jose, California.

      Dancing with Shira - Menu

      Shira's Regular Classes in Eastern Iowa, USA

      Shira's Photo Galleries

      Shira's Schedule of Upcoming Workshops and How to Hire Shira for Your Event

      Shira's Credentials - Biography & Curriculum Vitae


      Dancing with Shira

      The choices on this menu lead to information on:

      • Regular Weekly Bellydance Classes in Iowa City and Coralville, Iowa, USA. Offers details on dates, location, levels available, and pricing.
      • Entertainment Options. Lists public performances and private party entertainment packages. Programs available for bridal showers, birthday parties, going-away parties, baby showers, hen parties, and other festive occasions.
      • Photo Galleries. Variety of looks and aesthetics available, from folkloric to sparkly.
      • Workshops & Lectures. Schedule of upcoming workshops and lectures taught by Shira. Also information on how to hire Shira to teach at your event.
      • Shira's Biography & Curriculum Vitae. Credentials.



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