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      Photo of Shira

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      PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo by John Rickman Photography, San Jose, California.

      Lighting Up the Stage!


      Workshop Summary


      Add sparkle to your belly dance performances with this class on how to make your show more exciting to watch. This workshop will cover:

      • Bringing emotion & stage personality into your dance
      • Musical interpretation
      • Expressive arms
      • Relating to your audience
      Lighting Up the Stage!



      Detailed Description

      Join Shira for a workshop on adding sparkle to your belly dance performances! Explore techniques for musical interpretation, infusing your performance with emotion, creating a captivating stage personality, using arm movement to frame your dance, and drawing your audience into your world. Learn the difference between doing a sequence of movements and performing so you can take your dance shows to the next level!

      PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Kaylyn Hoskins, Solon, Iowa.




      Alternate Description

      Discover how to sparkle on stage! Explore how to:

      • Bring emotion into your dance
      • Create a captivating stage personality
      • Connect with the music
      • Draw your audience into your world

      We'll look at the difference between doing movements and performing. It's time to reach out beyond your bubble of personal space and connect!





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