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      The Penguin Troupe

      Ms. Priscilla Penguin, the Pedagogue has organized her students into a brand-new troupe called Priscilla's Perfect Performing Penguins Of Persia. As you can see, their current troupe costume isn't very imaginative, they're not always together, their arms are a bit droopy, and they haven't learned very many steps yet. Like many students, they could also use a little help understanding how much make-up you need to put on in order for it to be visible from the audience.

      But their performance is very sincere, very earnest, and you can't help but be supportive and applaud for them! This is the troupe to watch for in the future on the competition and festival circuit! Let's hear a big zagharoot for Priscilla's Perfect Performing Penguins Of Persia!!!

      PenguinPenguinsPenguinPenguinPenguinBig PenguinPenguinPenguinPenguinPenguinsPenguin

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      What They Do When Not Dancing

      These penguins have a vibrant personal life when they're not on-stage performing with Priscilla's Perfect Performing Penguins Of Persia. Of course, dancing is first and foremost what they do for fun, but they do also have friends and families outside the troupe. Here's a voyeur's glimpse into a penguin's private, personal life.

      Penguins On RocksDiving PenguinLolling Penguins

      belly dance bellydance belly dancing bellydancing belly dancers bellydancers penguins bauchtanzen


      These playful penguins were produced by Eclipse Digital Imaging and made available via a web site called The Animation Factory. They offer about 11,000 animated images free of charge on their web site as clip art that people are allowed to use for free on personal web pages like mine. To see what else they have to offer, visit their web site at www.animationfactory.com. Enjoy!

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