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      Photo of Shira



      PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo by John Rickman Photography, San Jose, California.

      What's in a Belly Dancer's Handbag?


      by Adrianne Belly Dance



      Belly Dancer Handbag

      1. Sweaty Crumply Bills

      2. Travel Hair Brush

      3. DJ Biz Card

      4. iPod with Cracked Screen

      5. Wallet Full of Money

      6. Sharpie

      7. Lint Roller

      8. Post-It Note with Gig Call

      9. Belly Dance Biz Cards

      10. Spilled Stila Lipstick

      11. Random Glass Beads

      12. One Lone Earring

      13. Pepper Spray

      14. Scratched CD

      15. 1-Year-Old Energy Bars

      16. 2 a.m. Receipt from McDonalds

      17. 100 Bobby Pins

      18. Baklava Wrapped in Napkin

      19. Zills

      20. Safety Pins

      21. False Eye Lashes

      22. Two Pounds of Loose Glitter



      About the Artist

      Professional belly dancer Adrianne delights audiences all over Southern California. As a favorite at numerous venues, her high-energy shows bring smiles and cheer to all. Adrianne has studied belly dance for 10 years, and works hard to ensure authenticity in her work.

      She’s also known for her work on The Fez Documentary with producer Roxxanne Shelby to preserve the history of belly dancing and Arabic culture on the West Coast.

      Adrianne Belly Dance



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